Airborne Gym Club Privacy Policy    (2018)

Airborne Gym Club Privacy Policy provides for Gymnasts and Parents/Guardians with the full and printable version available here.

Airborne Gym Club fully understands how important your privacy is and we take our legal obligation very seriously to ensure we collect and store your personal information securely, in line with the new data protection laws. When we collect, use, share, retain or do anything else with your personal information (known collectively as processing) we are regulated, under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are responsible as 'Controller' of your information.

We value the trust that you give us when sharing your personal information and we ensure that strict measures are followed to keep that information secure. We will only use the information for specified purposes in this policy


This policy covers:

About us

What information we collect about you/Gymnast

How we use the information you provide

Why we share your information.

Full Privacy Policy available here to print

Jason Tucker Owner, Director