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British Gymnastics Insurance

September 06, 2018

Whilst our safety standards within Airborne Gym Club are exceptionally high, we are obliged to insure our staff and the club for unforeseen events. Likewise, as parents and Gymnasts, you are also required to insure against accidents and injury with the British Gymnastics Insurance Group.

Please foolow the link to sort your insurance as without the certificate, you or your child cannot take part in any of the activities.

British Gymnastics Insurance Bronze Level

September 20, 2017

Bronze level Insurance with British Gymnastics is our basic plan that cover general gymnastic activity within the club at any location. This costs £17 per year per child and you will be issued a certificate to provide to the Coach for your yearly enrollment.

Please bring along your certificate of Insurance when you arrive for the Gymnastics session as your child will not be able to take part without it.

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